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Graduate Exhibition 2017 | Visual & Creative Arts

Valentin Brown

Who is Valentin Brown? That is the question at the heart of their work. Though a true, blood-and-guts painter, they do not choose any one medium to work in. Their work is alluring and uncomfortable, quiet and loud. If they paint, they paint with both chunky, aggressive brushstrokes, and in thinly-layered, delicate and decisively designed realism. If they do anything else??sculpture, drawing, photography??they seek to conjure conflicting aesthetics all the same. No matter the medium, their work always comes back to the ultimate pairing of opposing forces: the simultaneous, perfect cycle of life and decay that allows us to feel the presence of nature alongside us. Valentin lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario, a city of opposites in itself.

Ana Maria Kristina Carreon

Ana Carreon is an interesting and unique artist. Her work contains an edgy, fun, quirky and cartoonist style which focuses on conveying interesting characters through portraiture and the sensual qualities of the human form. Ana loves do still life paintings. She is very much interested in working in mediums like watercolour, acrylic paint, varieties of pencil crayons, oil paint and drawing mediums such as markers, etc.

Linsey Cull

Born in Sudbury, ON, Linsey Cull grew up on the line between boreal forest and industrial barrens. Through drawing and painting, she tells stories about the people, places and things that are important to her. After graduation, Linsey plans to continue her studies in Toronto.

Eric Di Mascio

Eric Di Mascio is an emerging artist out of the GTA, who was born in August in the year of 1993, he spends most of his time drawing out concepts for his work or putting together models. Eric's work ranges from simple in form with no intentional narrative, to works with a direct and focused theme they are tackling. Eric primarily does nonfunctional works because he feels it allows him more free range with the form without having to balance it being functional. His better known works are his “Phantom Pain” series in which he is developing, they are a mixture of various medias to help simulate how phantom pain manifests and how to breathe life into the concept of it.

Anastasia Dmytrieva

When does the journey of an artist start? Anastasia's started back in the middle school, out of curiosity and desire to learn. First attempts in drawings were inspired by fan art found on the internet and popular teenage artists. She spent several years learning on her own and one year in art school. When she realized that digital art was her priority, Anastasia left the art school to continue self-education. After finishing high school in Ukraine, she applied for Sheridan College with intention of getting intensive training in both traditional and digital media. By her third year in Visual & Creative Arts program Anastasia developed her established art style and started freelance job as book designer and illustrator.

Stephen Draper

??Business may be the house of modern society but art is the pillars is stands on?۝ Stephen Draper is a graphic designer and fine artist who mixes modern technology with traditional and historical designs. Stephen acquired an Advanced diploma in Visual and Creative Arts at Sheridan College Institute of Technology where he mastered the use of Digital 3d and 2d design as well as fine art. Stephen spends most of his time writing and creating art for one of many Dungeons and Dragons groups he runs this is where he gets most of his creative ideas as well as studying historical warfare, politics and society. Stephen is adept at learning and understanding digital technology and does not allow his dyslexia to get in the way but instead uses it to his advantage in understanding and utilizing 3d space and modeling.

James Gordon

James Gordon is an artist who favours working with paints to create amazing paintings. He also works on sketches with charcoal and conte to do gestures of models from life. Gordon practices his drawing in sketchbooks and on blank paper. Usually his work is comprised of monsters, humans and fantasy creatures when practicing his drawings. One of his concept drawing are of a dragon standing on a rock. Gordon also paints portraits and paintings of cubism. He has also acquired skills in the Photoshop suite using Dreamweaver and Photoshop and can use code to make basic layouts in Dreamweaver; on Photoshop he can edit photos and manipulate images. Gordon is currently attending Sheridan College working in Visual and Creative Arts, practicing many skills in the field of painting, drawing, gaming and other skills needed for the workplace. Gordon will be graduating this year. In the future Gordon hopes to be a concept artist creating characters for Ubisoft. In his spare time Gordon likes to read books, play video games and watch anime. He also practices his drawing skills in graphite and his Photoshop skills as much as possible. James also practices drawing manga whenever he can. Gordon can be contacted by phone at 905-794-5311 or E-mail at whenever you need to talk to him

Joshua Havlik

Currently, Josh's YouTube channel showcases some of his digital sketch progressions as well as a few creative experiments in video editing. His early work is inspired by existing animations and games, but he has been able to develop unique works that were well-received and served as winning pieces in a Nintendo-hosted art contest. Josh has taken a great interest in storytelling through visual media. To refine his skills, he started by studying Writer's Craft and Creative Media through his high school senior year at King's Christian Collegiate. After that, he took some part time courses at University of Toronto Mississauga in the field of digital media and rhetoric before enrolling in the Visual and Creative Arts program at Sheridan College. Josh has experience with many types of traditional and digital media. Thanks to his studies at Sheridan College, he has developed his skills in painting, drawing, and design. His best three media to work with are acrylic paint, charcoal, and Adobe Illustrator.

Madison Johns

Madison is a Six Nations-based artist and graphic designer. A recent graduate of the Visual and Creative Arts Program at Sheridan College, she became proficient in a variety of fine art and digital mediums and techniques. During her time at Sheridan, Madison developed a pop-art style - often her work contains simple shapes and flat colours. Both her traditional and digital work share a two-dimensional quality, using varying tones of colour to give depth to her pieces. Madison's work is often reflective of her interests and influences - music being one of the reoccurring themes. Through her work, Madison shows that sometimes less is more.

Farah Kahil

By striving for perfection, Farah Kahil always tends to work on something until it's taken away from her. With this attitude she brings her full potential and love to her work. Farah grew up in Cairo, Egypt. As she was surrounded by a lot of rich history and oriental art, it was almost too easy for her passion for art to be ignited. From a young age she took on art as extra-curricular activities at school and studied art outside of school. But Egypt wasn't her only inspiration for art

Sana Kirmani

Inspired by the abstract and whimsical nature of the mind, Sana meshes technical styles of painting and drawing with elements that are free and loose. Creating art is something that was born out of the desire to express her own reaction to the world around her. Sana's work evokes calmness and a whirlwind of emotions, reflecting her creative process. Though predominantly painting in acrylics, but favouring oil paint, Kirmani uses a variety of materials and mediums to create her works. Her go-to materials include acrylics, oils, watercolour, gouache and lately gel medium for painting. For drawing, Sana likes to use cont̩, charcoal pencils, colour pencils, graphite and pen. Open to experimentation, she often incorporates both painting and drawing to make composite and interpretive creations.

Deepthi Krovi

Deepthi Krovi often pronounced as (Dip tea) is a Toronto-based Artist and Illustrator. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns, beauty of Indian culture and people from several communities is where she finds inspiration from. She describes her work as a storybook with a collection of several narratives based on her personal experiences. Deepthi works in various media like acrylics, oils, watercolour, collage, pen and ink. She also enjoys combining traditional and digital platforms to create interesting imagery. If not drawing or painting, Deepthi enjoys watching movies, music, reading children's books and going for a walk to watch birds with her favourite plush dog Buddy.

Maria Socorro Manganaan

Creating images that look both simplified and detailed, Maria Manganaan's strong use of line work and layered coloring brings out her 2D artwork. Her work is often formed from personal connections or experiences, resulting in every detail having a significant meaning. Her art means to celebrate diversity, friendship, and love, often displaying different people in harmony. The subjects are often people she values or who others value. Maria has built and refined her current skills from her time at Sheridan within the 3-Year Visual & Creative Arts program. She is currently a freelancer, having done work personalized for events such as birthdays and weddings. In addition, she is a Graphic Designer and Photographer for the company, Joyride Apparel. She intends to pursue a higher education. Maria can be contacted through her website ( and her email (

Joseph Mok

Animation , Science fiction media , story telling and realism plays an important influence in inspiring Joseph and his fine art work as an artist. Born and live in Mississauga for his whole life. He love and practicing his paintings on landscapes with mixed media, drawing concept designs, doing photography , working on typography and most of all storytelling writing from his imagination. His artwork mean to showcase creativity , idealistic opinions and exploring possibilities. Joseph even joked about becoming a graphic designer in the future.During his time at Sheridan , Joseph sees his inspiration in his work to to become an artist freelancer, graphic designer or an concept designer. Inspired by friends , family and every art instructor at the campus has encouraged Joseph to push forward for his greater goals.

Deanna Molinaro

Deanna Molinaro regards fine art as an expression of oneself through a collection of combined actions, gestures and emotions to create a visual work of art. She is a 24 year old stylist, painter, designer and illustrator from Hamilton, Ontario. Deanna aspires to be a celebrity wardrobe stylist, costume designer and published writer. As an artist, Deanna's goal is not only to visually manifest her ideas, emotions, opinions and dreams, but also to share her unique story and inspire others to never give up, follow your heart, and always have hope.

Daniela Montero

Daniela Montero is an artist who enjoys painting, photography, creating digital drawings and animations. She spends most of her time doing freelance work at home drawing commissions. On her social media she has a following of over 4000 people who enjoyed her work and continued to commission her. She now goes to school at Sheridan College to expand her knowledge in other subjects of art like painting and figure drawing to one day make a living off of her art.

Katherine Moore

Katherine “Kitty” Moore is a Canadian artist,specializing in graphic arts and user interface (UI) design. Her training in a variety of mediums and techniques is evident in the broad spectrum of her work. Through her interest in layered imagery, Kitty's goal is to simplify her work by subtracting all that she feels to be unnecessary, adopting a very ??back to basics?۝ style. While much of the content of her work portrays a dark, sometimes grim subject, she aims to illustrate these in a minimalistic style as one might see in a storybook. By using simple shapes, geometric forms, and flat colours, she reveals the complexity of ideas and emotions, and challenges the human tendency to complicate matters at heart.

Faith Nisbet

Faith Nisbet was born in 1995 in London Ontario. Since that time a lot of issues in the world has crossed her mind. Countries have been at war, mental illness has entered the public eye, and animal rights. Faith often touch on these subjects in her mixed media creations. She makes art that is normally on a large scale to catch the attention of people around. Using materials such as inks, watercolour, spray paint, and clay Faith Nisbet produces art that touches on the problems in pop culture today, by using humour and / or shock value. Faith hopes that when people leave that her images haunt the minds of the viewers.

Tara Nix

Researching culture, history, storytelling, and the grotesque has always been a constant influence to Tara Nix and her Fine Art and illustrative works. Tara was born and raised in Stirling, Ontario. It was here in the great outdoors that her passion, imagination, and creativity flourished and developed at a young age. Previously before attending Sheridan Colleges for the Visual and Creative Arts program Tara also received her BA from the University of Ottawa with a major in General Arts and a Minor in Theory and History of Art. Tara works in a variety of mediums including inks, acrylics, oils, pencil, charcoal, and photography. Known for her bold, raw, and dramatic style Tara is always pushing the constraints of her art through mixed media, experimentation, and evoking an empathetic and emotional reaction from her viewer. Themes of eyes, mouths, money, and culture illustrate personal experiences of current human condition- ing. Following graduation Tara wants to launch her own career as a Fine Art and work in museums and galleries.

Grace Pedersen

Grace loves painting with oils, especially portraits, and plans to continue this while she pursues a degree in creative writing and publishing in September.

Megan Richards

Ranging from charming interpretations of her photography to whimsical representations of her imagination, Megan Richards works primarily with acrylic and oil paints. She explores the more quirky journies through her imagination, giving further insight into her visions, through printmaking and sculptures. Finishing her third year in the Visual and Creative Arts program at Sheridan College, Megan has discovered her true passion and plans to continue exploring and bringing her photographs to life through painting along with making time for her other work. Megan hopes to continue her education, and study visual effects in order to contribute work to both film and television. She hopes to explore more mediums in the future, including glass blowing and textiles.

Kevin Sanchez Tejada

Kevin Sanchez Tejada is a Dominican/Canadian artist who primarily works with: graphite, photography, and painting.

Chuyue Shao

Chuyue Shao artworks contain a wide variety of media and are filled with culture conflict elements. Chuyue's illustrations are inspired by the conflict between different cultures; such as different paces of life, slow pace of life in Canada makes her has more time to find beauty in her life. Born in China in 1996. She graduated from Sheridan College, with an advanced diploma in Visual and Creative Arts. Chuyue specializes in landscape and human figure paintings. She received first prize in a booklet design competition in 2016 and she was also awarded a golden prize in a Chinese illustration competition in 2014. At Sheridan College, Chuyue had opportunities to learn many advanced painting and drawing techniques, 3d design, graphic design,sculpture and digital techniques. Chuyue is currently working on her paintings and drawings and her works have a special visual language. The work Chuyue working on is a landscape painting which is about her hometown Nanjing. She brings some painting skills which she learned from here into her work, and she expresses issues related to the environment. Chuyue thinks that her work and her life are closely linked together, the production of each piece is an inevitable occurrence.

Demi Silva

As an artist Demi Silva strives to show narrative in her work. She wants people to see and understand that everything has a meaning. She strives to show the beauty of the world, even when it can seem at its worst. Even something negative can become beautiful if you see it in the correct light. She began her professional journey by studying Art Fundamentals at Sheridan College and then enrolled in the Visual and Creative Arts Program. Demi has participated in an exhibition at The MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, ON, as part of the Youth Exhibition called ??Portfolio 2014?۝. This exhibition was a display of works by graduating Grade twelve students. Out of the fifty-two works picked from across the region Demi had three works in the show. Since then Demi has been working on perfecting her skill as an artist in order to demonstrate her creative spirit.

Lisa Sim

Who would have thought that Lisa's time spent doodling in high school biology class, when she should have been paying attention, would lead her to a path in the art field. She has received her education at Sheridan College. In the past, Lisa has mainly focused on technical skills, especially in drawing and painting. She believes that a strong foundation is essential to creating anything that breaks traditional artistic rules. Digital art is something that she has been exploring lately as well as how to bring in a more graphic look to her pieces. Lisa wants to use the skills that she has learned, and will continue to learn, in order to make artwork that is less academic. Lisa's style has been described as minimalistic. There is also an abstract edge to her works. She wants to let her dry humour show through her art.

Mayra Smith

Mayra Smith creates emotionally charged, fanciful, surreal, playful illustrations and designs across various mediums inspired by Japanese pop culture, nature, science fiction and Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo. She strives to invoke strong euphoric, thrilling emotions to the viewer through vivid color and composition. She drew all her life, motived by feeling she never quite fit in with her peers, and takes influence from Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, and Jenova Chen, to preserver in her artistry. As her art skills develop she continually reinvents herself to better express the beauty in the strange, randomness of the world. From 2010 to 2013, Mayra volunteered for Quest Community Health Centre's, Rainbow Youth Niagara programming, designing posters for community events. Then, in late 2013, Mayra was featured as one of the most original fantasy artists on by user ??Painting-with-light,?۝ for the imaginative design of her character, ??Azura Soulawn'. Afterwards she attended the Toronto convention ??Anime North,?۝ selling her artwork in person for the first time at the Comic Market, May 24th to 27th, 2014. Currently Mayra Smith has an Advance Diploma in Creative and Visual Arts, Sheridan College, 2017, an into course credit to 3D Animation, Niagara college, 2015, and an Ontario certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals, Niagara College, 2013.

Megan Stockmans

As an artist who thrives off Nutella and cats, Megan Stockmans daily life consists of eating, drawing, video games and sleeping. She procrastinates until a new creative idea pops into her head, where she can put time and effort in her pieces. She tries to bring the same inspiration to her artwork that she feels in life. Each day is a new day for Megan to take a step out of her comfort zone, and try new ideas in paintings and drawings. Not one to be bogged down by themes, she creates whatever comes to her mind, so much of it revolves around fantasy and her love of animals. She encourages you to step into the mind of an absurdly random artist.

Nicholas Talbot

Nicholas Talbot is a sheridan graduate

teniola tejumola

Teniola Tejumola studied Visual and Creative arts at Sheridan college were he specialized in painting and graphical work. He is an expert in various forms of arts from digital art works to traditional landscape. He has years of experience in the arts and is more than capable of making almost any form of art.

Alyssa Vusir

Alyssa undertakes many projects related to her personal passions as a women rights and animal rights activist, and tries to spread a positive message through her art. As an artist who works in a variety of different mediums ranging from traditional painting and drawing to digital art and design, she loves to work with intricate line work, delicate designs, and a pastel colour palette. Her ambitions are to combine her love of illustration and design to explore the world of wearable artwork and accessories, and to open up her own shop to sell her creations.

Laura Wadsworth

Laura Wadsworth's work has been described as ??effortlessly subtle collage?۝ because she combines digital design and traditional art mediums. She enjoys many mediums which she brings together within her pattern design, graphic design, and fine art work. For as long as she can remember, Laura's mother subscribed yearly to Martha Stewart Living. Each month, Laura devoured the magazines for their gorgeous layouts of photo and type. Her mother studied textile design in college and constantly encouraged her creativity. She grew up exploring many mediums at home and in local classes. In high school she discovered blogging and started one of her own. Creating a site and it's contents revealed to her what she loves doing most. Even more than consuming well laid out images and type, she loves designing layouts herself. In 2014, Laura moved from the small village of Elora, Ontario to the Greater Toronto Area in order to study art and design at Sheridan College. Here she has had the opportunity to build her portfolio with both school projects and freelance work, and was an intern at the Elora Centre for the Arts. Though she doesn't currently know where all this will take her, she is excited for the journey, knowing that she is pursuing exactly what she's supposed to.

Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward presents a large variety of subjects as she journeys through her creative world. From exploring Western culture getting back to her roots with working with horses, to her dark punk rock side, she offers her viewers a large spectrum to choose from. In Ward's route to become a tattoo artist she strives to broaden her horizons and perfect her skills in all styles and areas. Primarily she works traditionally but works digitally for her designs that she uploads to Currently she is finishing her studies at Sheridan College in Visual and Creative Arts and plans on approaching some studios about becoming an apprentice in tattooing afterwards. This route has been peppered with some potholes as she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015 but this does not stop her from doing her best to reach her goals as an artist. Bigger and better things are to come from her and she plans on bringing her realism into the tattoo world to create eye popping, permanent works of art. She is more than happy to work with you to create a stunning piece of artwork and would love to hear from you.

Wanyi Xie

Wanyi studied at Sheridan College for four years from 2012 and graduated from Sheridan College at Visual & Creative Arts program in 2017. Her second language is English. She excels at traditional and digital design works while she was studying in the college program. After she graduates from the school, she will have many finished digital and traditional works during the period of school time. Most of the paintings talk about the sceneries that she saw; the colors, the winds, the trees, the water and the sky, all of these things became one picture together. When people look at her works, they feel enjoyable. Wanyi will make works portfolio for related jobs afterwards and she also have other kind of skills related to music which is play the flute, so she can work at both field of environments of neither teamwork or individual work. On the other hand, Wanyi is interested in making logos, posters, business cards and etc. and acrylic still life painting and landscapes will be her strength at the field and she was born at Xi'an, China in 1993.

Zhu Yuan Yuan

Simona Zhu is an artist living and works in Canada. She was born in 1993 in China and moved to Canada in 2012. Because of migration, she can speak Chinese, Cantonese and English fluently. Passionate about drawing, painting, Simona made her move to studying in Visual Creative Arts at Sheridan College and continuing educating for skills on graphic design and photography. In 2016, Simona displayed her surface design and leatheroid sculpture in the Visual Creative Arts program graduate exhibition. In the same year, She created an artist book about cooking recipes and food styling photography. With different culture backgrounds for inspiration, She always makes her designs in a unique way. She is currently working on portraiture photography and houseware design. She currently lives and works in Oakville, On and can be reach at